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Pretty sure Harry Styles is the only man to ever exist.

Listen, we all know Harry Styles is a king.

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He is just on a different plane than the rest of us.

But he has truly outdone himself this time, in what might be the most Harry Styles thing ever.

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In case you don’t know Harry, he can be a bit of an enigma, but he’s alllll about treating people with kindness.

This week, Harry had the misfortune of having his car break down. A good Samaritan helped him out, allowing him into his home and making him a cup of tea.


^Me if I were the Samaritan.

Now, if it were another celeb, that’s where the story would end. But NO!!! As it turns out, the Samaritan was at his friend’s house when he let Harry in — and the friend’s daughter was a Harry stan (girl, same). However, the daughter wasn’t home.


^Me if I were the daughter.

SO Harry WROTE HER A NOTE, saying he was sorry he missed her and would try to get her tickets to a future show…SIGNED HER ALBUM…AND FED. HER. FISH.

IG || “Just came home and found out who was house sitting… 😶” (©️theadoraaaaaaaa)

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I’m trying to imagine my dad or his friends hanging out with Harry Styles. I truly don’t know how they’d react. I tried asking my dad, but he got confused.

Anyways, my thoughts and prayers go out to this poor fan, who returned home to realize SHE’D MISSED HARRY STYLES.


No comment from Theadora yet, but BuzzFeed has reached out!

TL:DR; We do not deserve Harry. Also, treat people with kindness.

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